WPA Together Against Stigma Reykjavík 2024

As we approach the second quarter of a new century, the attention focused on stigma, mental illness, and mental health has never been greater. Spurred, in part, by one of the few “silver linings” of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recognition of the importance of mental health and the prejudice and discrimination attached to mental illness have come into more intense and sharper focus.

The World Psychiatric Association Co-sponsored Meeting targets researchers, advocacy groups, people with lived experience, and policymakers. Our goals include sharing novel scientific, policy, programmatic, and experiential insights on the current status of stigma, especially the complex layers and multiple identities of stigma, and describing or proposing advances in stigma reduction.

With a focus on both global and lived experiences, the 2024 WPA meeting, Together with Diverse Communities, seeks to expand and rethink scientific, consumer and policy efforts. We will feature papers, posters, and conversations that:

  1. Mark where we are in stigma locally, nationally and internationally
  2. Provide data and lived experience reports on the intersection and layering of stigma across identities
  3. Describe, evaluate and propose new directions to end stigma.

If you are an author, presenter, or participant, you are welcome to subscribe to the meeting mailing list.

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