Abstract Submission

We invite short abstracts of two types for contributed works. In both we expect that there could be a mix of perspectives (e.g., research, practice, and lived experience).

  1. Presentation of results of scientific research on any aspect and level of stigma and discussion of new areas of scientific promise, including prevalence and the roots of stigma and stigma effect on individuals, service use or systems, and change. Please describe the objective, the stigma target (e.g., type of stigma including structural/policy-based, cross-sectional/longitudinal, population/institution, location of the research), the data and methods used, and a preliminary description of findings.
  2. Presentation of novel anti-stigma efforts (including policy change), particularly those with an evidence base on effect and potential for dissemination in other settings. Please describe the stigma reduction targets, the basic principles and approaches, and an indication of the status of the efforts (e.g., proposed, launched, or regularly deployed), and the evidence that supports its efficacy.

For all abstracts all names, affiliations and contact information for proposed participants must be provided. This meeting is designed to be primarily in-person. There will be organized virtual sessions held the week before the conference for virtual presentations and plenary sessions and some parallel sessions will be livestreamed for virtual participants to watch during the live conference. You will be asked during the abstract whether you plan to attend in person or virtually.

The abstract submission system is open now. The deadline was Jan 31, but the system will remain open for late submissions. Contact organizers at wpatas24@iu.edu if you have questions, need a further extension, or if you have not received a decision letter on your submission in late February.