Plenary Talks

Plenary: Setting the Landscape (Háskólatorg 102)

June 4, 09:00–10:15 Plenary: Setting the Landscape. Presented by Bernice Pescosolido (Chair), Sigrún Ólafsdóttir, Nicolas Rüsch, Patrick Corrigan, Sir Graham Thornicroft

  • Bernice Pescosolido – Welcome to the conference
  • Sigrún Ólafsdóttir– Welcome to Iceland
  • Nicolas Rüsch – Stigma Section chair welcome
  • Bernice Pescosolido – Focus on plenary & the Four Country Change Study
  • Patrick Corrigan – Honest, Open, Proud (HOP)
  • Sir Graham Thornicroft – Lancet Commission
  • Q&A moderated by Bernice Pescosolido

Plenary: An Overview of Mental Health and Health Care in Iceland (Háskólatorg 102)

June 4, 11:00–12:15 Plenary: An Overview of Mental Health and Health Care in Iceland. Presented by Sigrún Ólafsdóttir (Chair); Grétar Björnsson, Hugarafl; Svava Arnardóttir, Geðhjálp

  • Sigrún Ólafsdóttir – University of Iceland
  • Grétar Björnsson – Hugarafl
  • Svava Arnardóttir – Geðhjálp

Plenary: Scaling Up Change (Háskólatorg 102)

June 5, 09:00–10:15 Plenary: Scaling Up Change. Presented by Sir Graham Thornicroft (Chair), Virginia Rubaine, Petra Gronholm, Chris Groot, Bridey Rudd, Alexandra Puhm, Christopher Tupy, Guadalupe Morales Cano

  • 219 Virginia Rubaine – “Tackling mental health stigma in small island communities - the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda”
  • 164 Petra Gronholm – “Indigo Partnership: a multi-level strategy to reduce stigma in global mental health”
  • 108- Bridey Rudd & Chris Groot – “Lessons learned through collaborative research to understand mental illness stigma across Australia, Scotland, and Canada”
  • 213 Alexandra Puhm & Christopher Tupy – “Austria’s multi-strategic approach to destigmatization”
  • 146 - Guadalupe Morales Cano – “From Ill person to citizen. Peer to peer trainings to Fight Stigmatizing stigma”
  • Q&A moderated by Sir Graham Thornicroft

Plenary: Future directions on policy research and programming (Háskólatorg 102)

June 5, 11:00–12:15 Plenary: Future directions on policy research and programming. Presented by Heather Stuart (Chair), Rosemary Gathara, Uzma Ambareen, Alicia Lucksted, Amy Ronaldson, Christiane Silvestre de Paula, Sara Evans-Lacko

  • 167 Rosemary Gathara – “Impact of a Five Year Comprehensive Anti-Stigma Intervention from Kenya”
  • 153 Uzma Ambareen & Alicia Lucksted – “Multidimensional Identities Guiding Internalized Stigma Resilience Interventions”
  • 200 Amy Ronaldson – “Mental illness stigma in England: What happened after Time to Change?”
  • 171 Cristiane Silvestre de Paula & Sarah Evans-Lacko– “Cash Transfers Program a strategy to minimize mental health problems among vulnerable Brazilian youth at risk of multiple stigma”
  • Q&A moderated by Heather Stuart

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